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Product Name : Water Soft

Product code : SFT200
“A one-time investment to protect you from hard water effects”

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Install and Forget
With 3M water Softeners, all you need to do is plug it in! With the auto-regeneration feature , our water softeners bring your maximum quality, with minimum intervention.

Complete control
3M Water Softeners give you complete control with the NSF-listed, globally best-in class, High Quality Control Value(operation based on time and flow rate along with a built-in bypass valve). The quality control valve ensures minimal repairs & detailed information for diagnosis.

Reliable Resin
3M Water Softeners use high-efficiency and high-performance food grade resin. A built-in strainer prevents any resin leakage, eliminating the frequent need to top up the resin. The resins have on average life of 7 8 years, much higher than others available in the market.

Inspiring Design
The arc barrel body design is both aesthetic and practical. 3M Water Softeners are equipped with a damping cover for ease of access and a premium user experience. With effective space utilization, they are a perfect fit for the modern home.

“A one-time investment to protect you from hard water effects”

Technology High-efficiency and High-performance Ion Exchange Resin Technology

  • Resin volume – 28 litres
  • Brain tank – Integrated tank
  • Maximum flow rate – 48 Lpm
  • Pressure range – 1.7 to 7.8 bar pressure