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Product Name : Water Soft

Product code : IAS102T

“Effective & inexpensive solution to hard water scaling problems”

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Zero Water Wastage & No Electricity Needed

Complete green building product

Food Grade Material

Unit is manufactured from FDA CFR-21 complaint material

Simple Fit and Forget

Low maintenance-only cartridge replacement needed

Compact in Size

Can be easily dismantled and carried along

Withstand High Pressure

Can withstand pressure up to 7 bar

Encapsulate Hardness causing Calcium(Ca) and Magnesium(Mg) ions to make them inert

Minerals and retained but the scaling effects of the ions are eliminated

“Effective & inexpensive solution to hard water scaling problems”

Sequestering and depth filteration Technology

  • Material – polyphosphate
  • Maximum flow rate – 60 Lpm
  • Pressure range – 1.7 to 7.8 bar pressure
  • Size – 20 Inches
  • Filteration Grade – 5 Micron polypropolyne