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Product Name : Safe Kitchen

Product code : IAS190S

“2 lakh litres of pure water for your entire kitchen needs”

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99% of Backteria Reduction

99.99% Backteria Reduction using I.M.P.A.C.T Technology

you get 2 lakh litres* of pure Water ideal to drink, cook, wash your vegetables etc.

Scale Prevention

You don’t have kitchen slabs & faucets looking ugly with white water scales and no scales on vessels or dishwasher.

Chlorine Removal

Pre Activated Carbon Technology removes chlorine taste and odour ensuring RECEIPE QUALITY WATER retaining the taste of your food.

Retains minerals

Retail Essential Minerals naturally

Minimal Maintanance

Patented Sanitary Quick Change Technique for quick and easy maintanace of cartridges.

Zero Water Wastage & No Electricity Needed

The product leaves you guilt free towards the environment by not wasting a single drop of water and by not consuming any electricity.

“2 lakh litres of pure water for your entire kitchen needs”

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