3M Sleek, under-the-counter design that blends with your kitchen’s design!!

3M™ Smart Drinking Water Purifier…

It is the responsible way to drink pure water, without wasting a single drop of water or using electricity. It gives you 99.99% Bacteria free water using proprietary IMPACT Technology.

3M™ Smart Drinking Water System is a Unique under the sink unit that uses proprietary IMPACT Technology to deliver 99.99% Bacteria free water without wasting a single drop of water. The system comes with a dedicated 3M Faucet and a Smart Cartridge indicator to indicate the life of the cartridge.

 Features & Benefits

The system provides 2 stages of Filtration – Pre Filtration (Uses premium pleated membrane that reduces dirt, rust and particulate matter) and Fine Filtration (Integrated Membrane with Pre Activated Carbon Technology integrates patented pahrmaceutical grade membrane with pre-activated 3M Carbon block to remove 99.99% of all water borne bacteria, cysts and volatie organic components.

  • Dedicated 3M FaucetWith an LED Indicator shows red when quality of water deteriorates. Now you can be sure of the water quality while drinking it.
  • Smart Cartridge indicatorIndicates the life of both cartidges individually through a visual and audio indicator.


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