Protect your geyser and fittings from scaling caused by Hard water!!

Protect your geyser and fittings from scaling caused by Hard water!

Hard Water is a problem that many of us face in India. Water that has high mineral content like Calcium and magnesium is termed as hard water. While these minerals are healthy for our bones, they can be quite damaging for our homes. Hard water is detrimental to electrical appliances like geyser, washing machine and can cause scaling on bathroom fixtures and tiles. Here are some hard water problems that one might struggle with.

White Stains in Bathroom & Kitchen

Hard water leaves white stains on your vessels, bathroom mirror, water taps and tiles. These white stains are nothing but calcium deposits that are left when the water dries up.

Fully Automatic Water Softeners

A Fully Automatic Household Water Softener to give soft water throughout your home. The product is a convenient solution to all your hard water problems.

One-of-a-kind fully automatic hard water to soft water converter, with automatic regeneration, Aqua pure plus Fully Automatic Water Softener IWSFT50/75 is a minimal maintenance sleek product that gives you soft, quality water throughout your house, without any effort.

The system prevents scaling/hard water stains on your taps, faucets and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen ensuring that bathroom fittings look good as new for longer.The system also protects your water using appliances like geyser, washing machine, dishwasher etc. from internal damage and corrosion, thus extending their life. Not only this, the soft water protects your hair and skin from the harmful effects of hard water.

Aqua pure plus Fully Automatic Water Softener IWSFT is available in two series namely IWSFT50, IWSFT75 It uses Ion-exchange technlogy for softening and comes with a programmable multi-port valve avoiding any manual intervention for regeneration. Regeneration time can be set once and regenration happens automatically while you are asleep. The system automatically performs multiple regenerations till the salt is present in the system.


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