Do you know Dehydration Make you Fat? and weight gain?

Dehydration has been considered to be one of the factors to affect the weight of a person. Studies have shown a great significance between dehydration and weight gain. But, dehydration affects human health in a number of ways. So, it does not only causes you to be fat, but it also can take a toll on your health in general.

Dehydration takes away the thirst signals and sends hunger signals instead due to which you tend to eat more. “When your body is dehydrated there is a loss of energy and you feel tired. To replenish that energy you tend to eat more and this ultimately leads to weight gain.

Dehydration and Metabolism

Dehydration is when the human body is not getting enough amount of water as it should or as it needs. The amount of water entering the body should be greater, compared to the amount of water leaving the body. It can occur at certain levels, from mild to severe dehydration..

 All this will depend on the amount of water that your body becomes deprived of. The human body composes mostly of water, with an average 60 percent composition. With that, it is very important to ensure that you are getting enough amount of water that you need.

Also, the amount of water in our bodies can vary. Studies have proven that babies have more water in their bodies compared to adults. Furthermore, female adults have lesser water in their bodies compared to male adults. Older and obese people have the lowest amount of water in their bodies due to health-related factors.

You lose water from our bodies every day. This happens through talking, sweating, breathing, peeing, pooping, and crying. Not to mention, that there are a number more reasons why You could get dehydrated. You can also lose more water in our body when vomiting, having a fever, diarrhea, and excessive sweating.

Normally, the lost water can be replaced by drinking water or fluids and eating food that contains liquid components. If you don’t or forget to drink water on a regular basis, then you can get dehydrated.

There have been many studies that show the relationship between dehydration and its effect on a person’s weight. There is a significant difference between dehydration and becoming fat because of it.

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