Do you know fourth-leading cause of death in the world?

COPD usually affects middle aged adults, and is especially prominent in those who smoke or used to smoke. It is a progressive disorder, which means that it gets worse over time.
The two most common lung conditions associated with COPD are Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.
Emphysema refers to the condition where the alveoli, or small air sacs, present in the lungs are destroyed. It is be caused by inhaling cigarette smoke, harmful gases and particulate matter from the atmosphere.
As the alveoli break down, the lungs become riddled with holes and lose their elasticity. These holes trap air, preventing the lungs from exchanging air correctly, this makes taking a breathing a laborious process.
Chronic Bronchitis affects the bronchioles (airways) of the lungs. The lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed, causing the airways to constrict.
As the space within the bronchial tubes decreases, it makes it more difficult for air to be delivered to the lungs, causing the individual to struggle for breath. Patients often experience a daily cough accompanied by heavy mucus and phlegm.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the fourth-leading cause of death in the world. Cigarette smoking is the most common risk factor for COPD. Cigarette smokers have a higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms, lung function abnormalities, and COPD mortality rates than non-smokers.
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