How hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to cardiovascular diseases?

Statistics shows that cardiovascular & oncological diseases are the main cause of more than 93% of the morbidity and mortality worldwide. This article will focus on how hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to cardiovascular diseases so you must know how do they work
Cardiovascular diseases are diseases that affect the heart and vascular such as strokes, angina, heart attack, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, and others
Plaque build up in the artery due to high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Atherosclerosis leads to narrowing of blood vessels and less perfusion to the brain, and it also increases the risk of thrombosis, or a blockage of an artery, within the brain. Whether it is heart sex anime, vascular or brain diseases, they are contributed by high levels of oxidative stress that causes chronic blood vessel inflammation and eventually the development of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases or neurological diseases with this site.
Drinking hydrogen water is clinically proven as a prevention and remedy for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases :
  • H2 significantly abate oxidative stress by suppress the inflammation, attenuate severe arrtythmia and improve overall heart function.
  • Consumption of H2 water reduces atherosclerotic lesions and decrease oxidative stress of the aorta; the studies validated that hydrogen rich water has the potential to prevent atherosclerosis. Learn more about air conditioning services.
  • H2 is proven to normalize cholesterol, it can decrease LDL (bad cholesterol), increase HDL (good cholesterol) and increase body’s own antioxidant – Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).
  • H2 quell inflammation and improve blood pressure
  • H2 normalizes high blood sugar
  • H2 protects blood vessels, preventing chronic inflammation that can cause vascular damages.
  • H2 promote recovery after cardiac arrest
  • H2 is an effective antioxidant, to reduce oxidative stress and neuroprotective. It is effective on neurological disorders and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • NCBI validated that drinking hydrogen water is effective for improvement of mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function in daily life
  •      Forget about the name of the diseases, the single cause of all degenerative diseases are due to high levels of oxidative stress. Excessive free radicals damage our cells and DNA and it affects not just an organ’s health, but eventually impact the entire system and the whole body. One can only be healthy when the cells are staying heathy. The only way is to reduce oxidative stress is by supplementation of antioxidants.
    Amongst all antioxidants available, molecular hydrogen (h2) is the best antioxidant known to science, it is 88 times smaller than vitamin C, it is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier and thus can repair the cells and genes. H2 selectively neutralize the damaging free radicals/ ROS and then become harmless water to be removed by the body naturally. More than 1000 clinical papers confirmed that molecular hydrogen are beneficial over 200 kinds of human diseases.
    If you are health-conscious individual and caring for the health and wellness for your entire family, install a unit of water ionizer is certainly a wisdom choice. Not only it purify the tap water, water ionizer can the transform tap water into hydrogen-rich water, the most powerful antioxidant elixir on earth ! The next question is that how to choose a good water ionizer since owning a good water ionizer can last you for more than 10 years! Before checking on the dissolved hydrogen concentration levels, eliminate those without medical device certification. After all, only few brands are certified as medical device in the market. Certainly, do check on the dissolved hydrogen concentration, that is the most important health-enhancing properties from a water ionizer. Water ionizer is in existence for more than half a century and ionization technology is key factor on the performance of a water ionizer. The best water ionizer can produce above 1600ppb dissolved hydrogen using the most advanced ionization technology. 1600ppb DH concentration simply means the antioxidant potency is the same as 1496 apples of 2194 bananas !
    For people who are constantly on the move, it is strongly advised to own a portable hydrogen water generator. Sadly, many of the portable hydrogen water generator produce toxic electrolysis by-products such as chlorine and ozone; not to mention with extremely low or without any dissolved hydrogen! Like the water ionizer, it is simple to choose a good portable hydrogen water generator, get one that is FDA approved or with medical device certification. More importantly, it must have the separation technology to produce stable and safe hydrogen water. A good portable hydrogen water generator can produce above 1000ppb stable, long-lasting and safe hydrogen-rich water, without any traces of ozone and chlorine. The best is to look for one that has A.I. artificial intelligence so that it can clean the platinum plates automatically; to ensure optimum electrolysis at all times.

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