How Aqua Pure Plus became an Actual plus For Every Customer

Aqua Pure Plus is the promising IS0 9001 : 2000 certified water purifier company that has stepped into more than 21 years of successful collection of exceptional products, time-bound service and comprehensive customer care. Being a pioneer in water purifier business since two decades, Aqua Pure Plus has attained a name for itself in water purifier business, purely with customer recommendations. This unique consideration towards customer satisfaction has made the company strive towards betterment and expansion, bringing in products that are custom-made for the customer needs.

With more than 125000 happy customers across Tamilnadu, attended by 23 branches all across, Aqua Pure Plus has been the desired choice for water purification, from homes till the commercial spaces.

Products par excellence

Product variants desired by customers

The products from Aqua Pure Plus have been crafted for the customers taking their unique needs into account. With an initial set of products focused towards a general need for water purification, the company had its expansion towards multiple products and special needs of the customer base.

WATER PURIFIERS that filter water to make it as pure as the customer’s hearts.


COMMERCIAL RO that has purification capacity as high as your commercial need.

DISPENSERS with Hot, Cold and Normal water, that is ideal for your every space.

WATER SOFTENERS that protect your health and skin, making it as soft as it is meant to be.

3M HOME WATER SOLUTIONS that make pure, soft and healthy water available at homes across Tamilnadu.

Aqua Pure Plus is the proud partner of Norfrost RO Alkaline Water Purifiers – One of the top brands in UK

The products have touched the hearts with

The Promise of


Hear it right from the customers!

Our custom product 3M water filter has come up as an advanced model of filtration, giving universal potable water ideal for drinking, cooking, and every other household activity making pure water flow from every faucet at your home.

As a cost effective option suitable for small scale, nano diamond and nano dolphin water purifiers have made pure water, both potable and affordable.

Wondering where you witness the product variety?

Every web platform has the esteemed Aqua Pure Plus products on display.

The name mandatory in every cart

Thumbs up across websites and e-commerce

The range of water purification systems from Aqua Pure Plus has achieved a reach to the customers in every web platform possible, making it easy for the customers to know and avail custom water purification. What could be more easier than a purification product that successful scores an easy 4+ stars in Google, Sulekha and even Social Media platforms like Facebook.

The warm words from the customers have been as genuine as the product.

An overwhelming 700+ reviews on Google also have dedicated reviews for the product variants, services and more.

The Facebook freedom has also not restricted the customers from sharing their delight in using the products, supported by the service team, from time-to-time.

A unique part in such reviews is the customers taking delight in the ease brought in service, strengthened by trust and security.

Purely user-bound e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart have seen appreciable quality, typed right from the hands of the customers that touched the pure waters.

Wondering if such delightful purchases will keep up with the expectations across time?

Worry not! Our service engineers will ensure that the products works just as a new one.

Bridging the gap between service and the customer

Re-thinking Customer Care

Being a water purification dealer genuinely desiring customer satisfaction is a challenge. Aqua Pure Plus has stepped towards breaking the challenge with nothing but constant care towards the customers. With a dedicated team of customer care and immediately available service team, Aqua Pure Plus has been able to promise reliability in every home in which its products have a place.

Planning to buy our product?

Our engineer will knock at your door with clarity in the quality.

After 2 years of purchase?

Our service quality will stay just the same.

A rare scenario of problem with our products?

Our customer care will attend within minutes, service persons will attend within hours.

Hesitant to discuss with us?

Call us up! We have a patient friendly team dedicated entirely for your queries.

With high customer relationship where they don’t forget to mention the name of the service engineers, Aqua Pure Plus offers transparency just as the water.

Wondering if Aqua Pure Plus is the only one?

Explore the experience with other purifiers.

Fighting the competition

The true taste of quality

The speciality of Aqua Pure Plus, in addition to the quality of product, is the customer satisfaction that is achieved through dedicated teams for the entire process of customer support. Unlike other water purifier companies, our service team is quick paced, striving with speed to win the trust of the customers.

“Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.”

Wondering how long this exceptional service will last?

The service support from Aqua Pure Plus is timeless.

Bringing timelessness in purity

More than 10-year old customers

“Customer Loyalty is Priceless.”

Consistent customer loyalty has made Aqua Pure Plus attain the priceless pride where customers more than 10 years of product usage still believe in the brand. Amidst being a happy word from the customer, it stands as a living proof of the product’s quality and health-improvement, reassuring the promises given at the time of purchase.

With customers who are happy to recommend our products across population, it is our privilege to serve them across years.

Breaking the boundaries

Services across geographic locations

Pure water for all is our motto. By all, we focus at every latitude and longitude of location across Tamilnadu, immensely supported by the customer care, service and other teams, who never miss the connection with the customer. With less than a mile away service centres, Aqua Pure Plus clients have never missed a smile while using the products. Irrespective of the commercial or residential nature of the product specifications, the service and care has been the unbiased and equal, across places, across locations.

Located in the west of Tamilnadu?

Find the APP help near you!

Located in the east of Tamilnadu?

Find the APP help near you!

APP makes pure water an equal right across boundaries.

Buy Aqua Pure Plus products so we could hear a good review from you soon.

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