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We provide the highest quality

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Solutions for Plant

We provide the highest quality

Effluent Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Solutions for Plant


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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent / Trade Effluent is another name for industrial wastewater. The physical, chemical, and biological components present in the wastewater determine its properties and nature. The treatment plan is created in this manner. We provide the highest quality Effluent Treatment Plant in order to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients. The ETP is utilized in numerous wastewater treatment applications to remove undesirable, dangerous compounds from wastewater.

Sewage Water Treatment Plant(STP)

Wastewater produced by toilet flushes, bathroom and kitchen cleanings is known as sewage. A sewage treatment plant is a facility where pollutants from sewage, such as suspended solids, oil and grease content, organic load, and microorganisms, are removed using a variety of technologies. Sewage Water Treatment Plant is a service we provide to our esteemed clients as a leading company. Our trained supervisors instruct our producers on how to use cutting-edge equipment and technology while ensuring that a stringent quality check is performed before the product is sent to our clients. These are renowned for their exceptional performance and high efficiency. The pricing range is reasonably priced.

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It removes all impurities like dirt, mud, sand, and other sediments above 5 microns from water, right at the foundation, giving you absolute pure water throughout your house at all times. Aqua Pure Plus whole house filtration structure, is a viable answer to sediment free water at your residence, It helps to trim down dirt and sediment causing blockage and stains on your fittings and floor. It does not waste a single drop of water or utilize any electricity. Different from other local filters, It does not choke easily, primarily due to its deep filtration level.

Ion exchange is a water treatment method where one or more undesirable ionic contaminants are removed from water in exchange with another non-objectionable or less objectionable ionic substance. A typical example of ion exchange is a process called “water softening” aimed to reduce calcium and magnesium content.

Ion exchange resins are useful for the removal of water problems including hard water, scale buildup, nitrates, arsenic and many more.

Hard Water has high mineral content, largely comprising of Calcium and Magnesium, higher the level of Calcium and Magnesium in water, harder the water. Hence, Calcium and Magnesium are also referred to as ‘Hardness Agents.’ Hard Water is classified into 4 levels of hardness, depending upon the concentration of these minerals.

Classification of Water

Hardness Agent

Soft Water < 60 mg/l

Moderately Hard 60 - 120 mg/l

Hard 120 - 180 mg/l

Very Hard > 180 mg/l

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