Aqua Pure Plus is one of the leading manufacturers of Water treatment Plants and Importers of Water Treatment Parts. We have grown into leaders in water purification since our birth in 1999. Aqua pure plus RO System has designed Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Plants for various applications. We have also collaborated with a top well-known company in U.S.A, Taiwan and Korea. Our aim is to provide cutting edge solutions to water treatment issues. We offer great value backed by excellent service.


What makes us different?

We know water. Inside and out. Like the back of our hand. You have to love it to want to make it your life and, for us, that’s exactly what it is. Water is our passion.

There may be water water everywhere, but here’s what makes Aqua Pure Plus stand out

  • Our brand is recognized and trusted throughout India. We offer Alkaline water with added minerals which is why we are unique.
  • Innovative products and advanced technology which is so versatile that we have given up counting it’s potential uses.
  • Stringent hygiene parameters and industry certifications. Because we’re not happy until we’re sure we’ve produced the very best we can.
  • Highly focused on reliability and performance.
  • Dedicated and experienced management team.Always improving, always innovating. Water fanatics one and all.

Our colors are blue, but we’re always thinking green.



Our vision is to constantly upgrade our products through innovation in technology, remain ahead in our path and add value to our existing respectable name in the industry.



Our mission is to customize every product according to the needs of our customers and be the single solution and most sought brand everywhere. We focus on creating the right solutions for our customers.



We strongly believe in quality work. Our main strength is our client satisfaction and our quality speaks for itself. We constantly upgrade the skill levels of our resources so that professional levels of competency are ensured through our services.



Organizations are built through vision, beliefs and value maximization. In other words, these tenets are tightly wound to human thought prowess and it is people who harness this nature’s mighty gift. We believe and vouch the fact that it is people who make, run and grow organizations. We cherishes the role of playing a stellar nursery where talent is spotted, nurtured, honed and sharpened and this invariably makes our people our stars and they radiate our values and vision.



R & D are two of our favorite letters because they’re the beating heart of what we do. Our Research and Development team are water fanatics one and all. The best brains in the world – they like to think, always improving and innovating.